What should we pay attention to when buying office furniture online?

With the vigorous development of online shopping, many consumers have begun to buy office furniture such as wardrobes online. Online shopping for furniture can bring certain convenience to consumers, but the existing problems cannot be ignored. According to the author’s review of the service evaluation of the furniture online store, it is found that there are frequent disputes over the after-sales service of furniture. What should we pay attention to when buying office furniture online?

At present, online shopping furniture is facing the problem of quality and after-sale, which is difficult to make consumers feel at ease. For example, after-sales complaints abound in service evaluations in many online furniture stores. The installation is very troublesome. The length of the board is different and the design is unreasonable. It took a lot of effort to install it. “There is a color difference, the smell is pungent, and it is completely different from the description.” When buying large pieces of furniture, building materials and other products online, a lot of consumption In addition to price and quality, they also worry about logistics issues.

Regarding how to solve the worries of online shopping, an industry insider of Shenzhen office furniture company said: “The display space of the online store is infinite, and at the same time, it can sell website design quotations for the whole country, which is incomparable to the physical store. However, consumers choose furniture on the online store, It is difficult to grasp information such as size, process, material, etc. Therefore, e-commerce companies should provide standardized services for relevant information. To do well in online sales, after-sales service must be perfect.

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The characteristics of the office furniture industry determine the need for the existence of physical stores. The fact that businesses in the furniture industry provide physical store displays is a manifestation of their full responsibility to consumers. The material of office furniture can only be known after touching it, and the texture, finish, and brightness can be seen to be true.
The company adheres to the business philosophy of “companion with quality, dialogue with history, walk with fashion, and win-win with customers”; uphold the enterprise spirit of “innovation, professionalism, quality, sharing”, and always adhere to: “treat people with sincerity, service first” .
Yigewenyi office furniture has established a 25,000-square-meter experience exhibition hall in Fuyong International Furniture Village, the influential furniture business circle of Shenzhen office furniture. There are rich furniture categories and complete supporting series to meet the purchasing needs of consumers at different levels. We often negotiate with government units, listed companies, and large and small companies to provide one-stop commercial office space overall solutions.

Post time: Sep-07-2022